7 February 2014
7 February 2014,

Did this week’s snowstorm dump enough white stuff on you? If you’re getting tired of shoveling and you’re fed up with the cold, consider that spring is right around the corner–well almost!

Once spring has sprung, it will be time to assess any damage that the ferocious winter weather has caused to your home’s exterior. Recently, we explored the dangers of ice dams to your home’s roof. Now, it’s time to address another important issue—your home’s exterior paint.

The ice and snow can just as easily do a number on the paint. Here’s why: The bitter cold coupled with all that moisture can result in cracks to the exterior paint. As moisture gets trapped behind those compromised areas, it expands when it freezes, which results in chipping paint.

Come spring, it may be time for you to give Gold Painting Inc. a call. We are here to address your exterior home maintenance needs. We can sand, scrap, prep, prime and paint your home’s exterior so you can nip this winter’s snow and ice-related damage in the “bud”—springtime pun intended!

We are also seasoned gutter installers and repairers, so we can refasten or replace any gutters that have been damaged beyond repair given Old Man Winter’s harsh blow during the 2013-2014 New England winter season!

Give us a call for your free, no obligation consultation!



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