20 November 2013
20 November 2013,


Thanksgiving is next week, and you may be thinking there’s not enough time to get a fresh coat of primer and paint on the walls. But, think again! With a little planning and preparation, you can transform your dining room and other living spaces into more holiday, friendly spaces that are jazzed up without spending a lot!

Perhaps the best part about interior paint is the cost. For any do-it-yourselfers out there, for about $100 you can completely transform the look of your interior rooms with a fresh coat of the hottest, on-trend colors—think rich jewel tones for a modern and elegant twist.

And, you don’t have to commit to painting your whole home’s interior ahead of the holidays. Gold Painting Inc. recommends focusing on the rooms your friends and family will enjoy throughout the holiday season—the kitchen, the great room, the den, the dining room, etc.

For high-traffic areas, like the kitchen, consider paints with more sheen. Why? Because semi-gloss paint can combat stains and is easier to keep clean. Another rule of thumb—choose a 100 percent acrylic latex interior paint for all your holiday interior paint jobs.

Don’t have time to tackle interior paint jobs ahead of the holidays? No problem! Contact Gold Painting Inc. today so we can give you a quote for our impeccable interior painting, wallpapering and other services. We are the premier interior home maintenance service provider of Massachusetts. Check out our photo gallery for some holiday inspiration!

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