27 June 2013
27 June 2013,

Want to spice up your living room, family room, dining room, bedroom or other interior space in your home? Consider adding an accent wall for a pop of color, pattern and texture that will give you the “wow” wall you’re craving!

An accent wall is a great way to infuse a touch more excitement into a space without overwhelming it. Feature walls also take the spotlight, drawing one’s eye to where you want it to go! Perhaps you have a wall with a stunning fireplace or a wall with a fabulous photograph gallery or art installation on it—why not dress it up with a pop of interior paint color that’s on-trend for the season? For some on-trend inspiration, think aqua, teal, steel gray, yellow, maple brown … the paint color possibilities are endless!

Here are a couple of tips to help guide you on selecting the perfect wall to add an accent color or pattern to: For example, in the bedroom think about what anchors the space. The answer is likely going to be the bed, of course! So, consider painting a feature wall behind your headboard to create a cozy space.

Also, accent walls tend not to be located where there are big doors or large windows, as this creates a sense of competition between those large-scale permanent features and the effect you’re going for with the feature wall. Remember: the wall should compliment, not compete with the space!

Keep in mind, too, that another great thing about an accent wall is you don’t have to paint it at all! You could opt to apply a luxurious, sophisticated, bold, graphic-patterened wallpaper—which is quite on trend right now.

Thinking about adding a painted accent wall or wallpapered feature wall to your home or office? Contact Gold Painting Inc. today for your free, no obligation consultation.

We are the premier residential and commercial exterior and interior painting provider in this area, servicing Central Massachusetts, Metro West and the Boston area. In addition to performing superior interior and exterior painting services to homeowners and business owners, we also offer a wide array of interior maintenance services and exterior maintenance services, such as siding repair, gutter installation and repair, pressure washing (power washing), wallpapering, staining, carpentry and woodworking for homes and commercial properties.

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