4 December 2013
4 December 2013,

Color, type and luster. These are three things you should always consider before painting your bathroom. While color is important, we’ll save that one for last!

First up, though, Gold Painting Inc. would like to point out that perhaps the most crucial consideration when painting a bathroom is paint type. A bathroom is a place where moisture can easily become trapped given the inherent function of the space. Steam from hot showers can deposit on and penetrate the walls, causing mildew to form if the environment isn’t properly aired out with circulation from a bathroom fan. Therefore–you guessed it!–shop for mildew-resistant paint for your bathroom rejuvenation project. And, if you’ve spotted mildew in preparation for your bathroom paint job, be sure to thoroughly wash the affected areas with a mixture of bleach and water.

As for that all-important paint luster, generally a semi-gloss paint works better in a bathroom than flat interior paint. The reason? Flat paint may retain moisture more and can be more difficult to clean.

Finally, let’s get back to the fun part: selecting the right paint color for your bathroom! Consider color groupings when making your final selections. Grab some paint sample cards at the local paint store and consider pairing your favorite picks with the trim color that’s provided on the paint card. Choose one or two complimentary, bold pops of color to accessorize your bathroom with and presto you’ll have a perfectly finished bathroom on the cheap!

Keep in mind, too, that when selecting a paint color for your bathroom walls, be cognizant of the size of the space. Applying a dark interior paint color to an already tiny bathroom can make it seem even smaller, which you probably don’t want!

Are you ready to paint your bathroom? Contact Gold Painting Inc. today! We are the premier interior home painting and maintenance and exterior home painting and maintenance service provider of Massachusetts!


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