26 February 2014
26 February 2014,

Repeat after us: Benjamin Moore, California and Sherwin Williams. Why? Because these brands carry some of the best interior and exterior paints and stains on the market!

Gold Painting Inc. is proud to say we use these brands to transform our customers’ living spaces and offices into beautifully sophisticated spaces. Here’s some more information on why Benjamin Moore, California and Sherwin Williams are recognized as leaders in the paint market.

Benjamin Moore—For more than 100 years consumers have trusted this brand because its paint “work[s] smart and green,” the company explains. For instance, long before the government required paint makers to remove lead and other potentially harmful agents, like mercury and formaldehyde, Benjamin Moore removed them from their formulas.

In addition, Benjamin Moore uses color standards to enhance “high-performance coatings designed for industrial facilities,” it explains. “We continually test and improve our existing products before they go to market and continually research and develop new products to meet our customers’ needs.”

Also, Benjamin Moore is viewed as an industry innovator. For instance, it was the first company to introduce the “eggshell” interior finish to the market back in 1972, as well as the first Computer Color Matching System—now an industry standard–as well as the first pearl interior finish and EcoSpec®, its low-VOC/low-odor latex paint.

Finally, Benjamin Moore, “treat[s] [its] paints badly,” subjecting the coatings to various weather conditions for months up to years. It uses the data gathered from these tests to continue honing paint formulas to ensure top performance across its line of interior and exterior paints, stains and primers.

California—This paint brand, which sells its products exclusively through independent dealers—i.e., “expert, quality-oriented purveyor of paints” and stains, is a real trailblazer! It bases all of its premium paint lines on 100% Acrylic latex technology and by using a cutting-edge manufacturing process, California delivers “groundbreaking” coatings that undergo rigorous laboratory tests that reveal “a consistent #1 rating year after year by an independent national study.” In addition to making superior interior paints, California Paints and Storm System’s offers exterior wood paint finishes.

Sherwin Williams—For more than 150 years, this paint brand has stood the test of time, pushing the technological envelope by making advanced paints and other interior and exterior coatings. Serving DIY-ers and painting professionals like Gold Painting Inc., Sherwin Williams provides exceptional products offering a wide array of color options. Recently, the company launched a new reflective coating for a home’s exterior that can help you save on energy costs. (Next week, we’ll explore why Williams’ new Loxon XP IR Reflective Coating is a technological advancement home and business owners should know about.)

In the meantime, contact Gold Painting Inc. today for your free, no-obligation consultation. We’ll fill you on in on how we can use Benjamin Moore, California and Sherwin Williams, alongside our professional painting equipment, to give your home or office the top-notch paint job you’ve been looking for!


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