1 July 2014
1 July 2014,

If you’ve got a small space, Gold Painting Inc. has got plenty of tips below on how to work less wall space to create a relaxing oasis that’s just as big on style as a mega great room!

First, pay attention to the flooring or carpet color. Lighter color flooring and carpet will help bring light into the space, which, in turn, will create the illusion of a more expansive room.

Next, don’t assume that white is the way to go for the wall color. White is the absence of color, so one might think that going white on the walls is a good way to make the space seem bigger. But, in actuality, adding some thoughtful pops of color to your space can add the type of visual interest that’s needed to give a small space that “wow” factor. A white-walled small room may seem bigger, but it may appear duller, too—and who wants that?!

Also, when selecting the interior paint color for your small space, consider shades of yellow, green, red, and blue, which are warm and inviting in their own ways. Also, play up the color you select for your interior walls by infusing accent pieces—furniture, tapestries, pillows, etc. that are variations on the theme of that color. Consider adding accents that are a couple of shades lighter or darker than the wall color to balance out the space.

Finally, color up some areas of particular visual interest, so the eye has a welcoming and warm place to go when it enters your room. For instance, add some pops of coordinated color to a statement bookcase or make an elegant grouping of monochromatic candles in the fireplace—anything to draw the eye into the space. Another great way to give a small space big design gusto is to consider adding a focal wall that’s either painted in a different shade than the rest of the walls or wallpapered in a modern, sophisticated print.

How do you work your small space? Share your ideas with Gold Painting Inc. on Facebook, Twitter, Houzz and Pinterest. And, when it’s time to tackle your small space with an updating paint job, contact Gold Painting Inc.


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