27 June 2014
27 June 2014,

Last week, Gold Painting Inc. gave you some tips on how to tell if your unopened paint cans being stored in the basement are still good. This week let’s take a look at a creative and fun way to stretch your paint use!

Consider organizing a paint swap in your local community where family, friends and neighbors can come together to trade colors! Perhaps you’ve outgrown that chocolate brown paint you adored when buying it several months ago—chances are someone else might find your color selection a real treasure they can put to good use in their or office. And, you can peruse their paint to see if you’d like to use any of them to color up your walls or furniture.

Keep in mind that if you’re organizing a paint swap with a daycare center or other organization that works with children you’ll want to make sure there’s no mercury in the latex paint and if there is, be sure to let everyone know. Other organizations that might be interested in a paint swap include community graffiti removal groups, theater groups, day camps—you get the idea!

To make the most out of your community paint swap let everyone know that they should only bring paint for swapping when the gallon paint can still has one-third of the original paint available. Less paint than that could prove useless for anyone wanting to stretch its value. Also, affix a white label to the front of the paint can and dab a splash of the color on it so everyone can browse what’s available without having to lift those paint can lids!

Do you want some ideas on the types of paint colors to peruse for at your local paint swap? Check us out on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Houzz for the latest interior and exterior painting advice and trends. And, if you’re looking to paint your home or office, contact Gold Painting Inc. today for your free, no-obligation consultation.

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