18 June 2014
18 June 2014,

You’re cleaning out the basement or the garage and you’ve stumbled upon a sealed can of interior or exterior paint. You think, “This is great; I forgot I had this and now I can tackle that weekend painting project I was planning on.”

But, is the paint still good? That’s a question Gold Painting Inc. can answer! We’ve got tips on how to preserve an unopened paint can.

First, is there a chance the paint can froze? This is likely to occur in an unheated space, such as the garage or a tool shed. If you’ve stored the unopened can of interior or exterior paint in your basement, chances are it will still be good.

Next, when you open up the can and give it a stir, does it mix? If you’re concerned that it may have frozen and thawed at some point, brush some of it onto a piece of cardboard or paper and if it’s lumpy it’s no longer usable.

So, what can you do to store your paint cans so the paint inside stays fresh, in some cases for years to come?

We recommend turning a well-sealed paint can upside down and storing that way.

Also, never store paint cans near direct heat sources, such as a furnace or any combustibles, which could spark a flame.

Finally, store the paint cans on a shelf that’s dry and not prone to freezing.

Another good rule of thumb to follow is to rely on your nose! If a newly opened can of paint smells different than what paint normally smells like when you open a can, it may be time to dispose of it, and check with your city or town on how to properly dispose of unused paint.

Next week, Gold Painting Inc. will continue this discussion about unused paint, offering you tips on creative ways to stretch its use! Until then, be sure to check us out on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Houzz for the latest interior and exterior painting advice and trends. And, if you’re looking to paint your home or office, contact Gold Painting Inc. today for your free, no-obligation consultation.


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