21 March 2014
21 March 2014,

“What’s looks old is new again!” That’s a common sentiment Gold Painting Inc. gets when we perform professional pressure washing services for our customers across Massachusetts.

With spring now here after a long, hard, snow and ice-laden winter, it’s prime time to book your pressure washing appointment with Gold Painting Inc.

Pressure washing, also called power washing, is a great way to blast away dirt and mold from your home’s exterior without the danger of having to climb a ladder to scrub tough to remove sediment and residue.

As the weather warm-up continues (we hope!), it’s the ideal time to tackle the task of power washing your home. Before power washing your home, Gold Painting Inc. can inspect the façade to ensure that your home’s siding isn’t in disrepair. If the siding is faded in spot, those spots likely won’t look  as fresh as the other parts that aren’t worn. In that case, we may recommend replacing the portions of the siding that are weather worn.

By taking a proactive approach to keeping your home’s exterior looking clean and fresh, you’ll be the sparkling example for other homeowners in your neighborhood—not to mention you’ll be doing the smart thing by keeping up with your exterior maintenance so your exterior paint or siding looks like new for years to come.

Contact Gold Painting Inc. to book your free, no-obligation power washing consultation today!


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