2 April 2014
2 April 2014,

The mild weather has finally arrived and that means it’s time to get to those spring cleaning and home remodeling projects you’ve been itching to get a jump on.

Among those pet projects may likely be to paint the bathroom, paint the front door, repaint your home’s exterior, or spruce up the bedroom, kitchen or dining room with a fresh coat of paint. Before diving into your home interior or exterior painting project, follow Gold Painting Inc.’s steps for picking the perfect paint!

You know those handy, dandy sample-size paint jars at your local home improvement store. Well, we love those! Why? Because it give you the chance to live with a paint color for a little while and evaluate whether it’s really a home run for you!

When you hire a professional interior and exterior home painting provider like Gold Painting Inc., a good-size undertaking ensues. Of course, you don’t need to lift a finger—we take care of everything, from precisely taping off the areas to be painted, making sure that your belonging are protected against paint splatter to cleaning up after the job.

What we want to stress, though, is that we want you to be serenely happy with the finished product, and that means doing some “leg work” ahead of calling us in to ensure that you’re really digging a paint color before we go ahead and apply it all over your walls or the sides of your home.

Also, consider a creative solution to applying sample paint to your walls. Now, you can but wall stickers called “SureSwatch” that you can paint your preferred colors onto, so you don’t mess up your walls ahead of the real paint job, and you can move the stickers around so you can capture a paint color’s true characteristics against various light and shadows.

And, once you’ve selected the perfect paint color, give us a call. We are Massachusetts’ premier interior and exterior painting provider, and our painter’s tape, rollers, brushes, and highly skilled team are at the ready to put that “spring” back in your home!

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