28 January 2014
28 January 2014,

Walk into any paint department at the local home improvement store and you’ll find an amazing array of interior paint and trim colors from which to choose. The problem with so much selection, though, is that selecting the right interior paint palette for your home can seem daunting!

Gold Painting Inc. has several tips that can help you pick your home’s interior paint colors and complimenting palettes, through rugs, curtains and other accessories, without experiencing a color-related short circuit!

First, use what you’ve already got as some inspiration. Perhaps you have a boldly patterned sofa, a rug in the room, a large work of art. What color stands out to you? Do you like it? This color could become a great accent color for your newly painted space.

Next, apply a 60/30/10 rule to the colors you select. That is, 60 percent of the room should be derived from one color —since the walls usually comprise the largest amount of space, your interior paint color will likely earn that 60-percent spot. Follow up with 30 percent of color’s worth in accessories, like pillows or vases. Then, give the room a vibrant 10-percent pop of a complimentary color for the right amount of visual interest.

“How do I know what colors to pair together?” This is a common question we get, and one with a simple answer. Use a color wheel to find complimentary colors!

In addition, when decorating, try starting with darker shades toward the floor and lighten things up as your eye moves upward.

And, when all else fails, give us a call. Gold Painting Inc. is the premier interior home painting and services provider of Massachusetts. We have transformed many spaces, including newly constructed homes, into true showplaces with soothing, sophisticated interior paint palettes that truly are works of art!

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