16 April 2014
16 April 2014,

White—a seemingly basic hue that makes for a great look on trim, cabinets and in some cases the walls–and don’t forget those ceilings, too, of course. But, take a look at the paint color swatches at the local paint store and it quickly becomes evident that all whites are not the same. And, the subtle differences could leave your head spinning!

But, thankfully Gold Painting Inc. has got tips for you on how to choose the perfect shade of white paint for your home or office. The fact is that many white paint colors have distinct undertones of gray, beige, yellow, blue and green that make them different—think snow, ivory, bone as some color inspirations.

When you do some research it becomes clear that picking the white that’s right for you isn’t as simple as saying,” I’ll take a can of white paint.” Consider that many major paint lines, such as Benjamin Moore, offer dozens, even hundreds, of shades of white!

Here’s our first tip: Pay attention to how a particular shade of white paint will perform against its environment. How much natural light does the room get? Also, what’s in the room that could enhance or detract from the white? Perhaps you’ve got a fabulous rug that you want to showcase. How does the white look up against it? Is it complimenting it, or does there seem to be a level of discord in the way the two come together?

Next tip: Consider the sheen of the paint. When it comes to paint finishes, you’ve got many options from which to choose, such as flat, semi- and high gloss. One of our favorite combinations is a flat wall with semi-gloss trimwork. Also, don’t forget about the ceiling. Here’s a trick to remember on that: If you have a gorgeous tray ceiling that you want to draw the eye up to, consider using a semi-gloss paint versus a flat white ceiling paint. And, if you want the eye’s focus to come down from those heights, opt for a flatter white ceiling paint.

And here’s our final tip for now: Keep in mind that no matter what shade of white you choose you’re likely going to want one that’s got a level of warmth to it. Applying untinted white base to the walls will likely result in a sterile, cold feel that’s not generally desired by most home and business owners. Think yellow or pinky for undertones in homey spaces—as well as blues and greens—for areas where you’ve got sophisticated décor in your home or office.

Can we help you select the perfect white paint for your home or office? Contact Gold Painting Inc. today for your free, no-obligation consultation.





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