18 February 2014
18 February 2014,

Paint, paint and more paint. Gold Painting Inc. eats, sleeps and breaths interior and exterior paint because we’re a professional residential and commercial painting services provider, but we realize that not everyone has the same level of expertise that comes with years of committed and meticulous training! That’s why we’ve compiled below a list of tips for how to buy paint like a pro!

Don’t get hung up on the brand. We can certainly appreciate that you may have established brand loyalty to one paint maker over another, but there’s a good reason not to let that cloud your judgment: Often, the paint makers have to reformulate their paints to comply with governmental regulation and so they’ll perform better. But, as a result of the reformulation, you might not be getting the “same” paint you got last time, notes ConsumerReports.org.

Consider that some paints may have more “volatile organic compounds,” that is fumes that can result in dizziness and headaches. In the past, the consumer watchdog organization explains, “low-VOC” paints lacked durability, but nowadays, the low- or no-VOC paints Consumer Reports has tested have performed well. The bottom line: You should be able to rest easy in knowing that low or no fume paints, which are better for the environment and your health, will also perform well on your interior walls!

Pay attention to the store’s lighting when you’re searching for that perfect paint color. Why? Because fluorescent light will make blue and green hues appear more vibrant, whereas it will sap the liveliness out of yellow-, orange-, or red-based paint colors. To get a truer sense of what warm tones will look like once applied to the walls, it’s a better practice to trust incandescent light, the organization notes. And, if you’re relying on natural sunlight to gauge whether a paint color is right for you, keep in mind that the color will likely appear differently as the sun moves during the day.

Do you have other questions or concerns about how to buy paint like a pro? Contact Gold Painting Inc. today for your free, no obligation consultation!

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