27 November 2013
27 November 2013,

Two weeks ago, Gold Painting Inc. explained why it’s so important to care for your home’s gutters—a key component in your roof draining system!  If you’re more of a do-it-yourselfer, follow these tips to get your gutters in tip-top shape. The last thing anyone wants is ice dams this winter!

The tools of the trade: Gather up some gloves, a ladder, trash bags, a hand rake, and a hose.

Getting started: Put some garbage bags in your pocket along with the hand rake, secure the ladder against your home and safely climb to the gutter. Using the hand rake dredge the leaves and other debris. Gather up the clumps of “gutter junk” and place it into a trash bag. Once the trash bag is filled, drop it to the ground, safely reach into your back pocket to pull out another bag and repeat the process. Another option is to use a tarp that’s placed below the area where the ladder is located. Drop the debris onto the tarp and move the tarp as necessary as you move along the path of the gutters around your home.

Show stingy, stuck-on debris who’s boss: Once you’ve cleaned the gutter out, take a hose and spray water into it to flush out any stingy pieces of debris that you weren’t able to collect. Ensure that the downspout is free from debris before moving on in the gutter chain.

And, a word to the wise: Do not reach beyond an arm’s length to try and reach to clean your gutters. Proper gutter cleaning requires frequent, short movements of the ladder—and safety trumps all else!

Stay safe if you decide to clean your own gutters, and if you’re looking for a professional exterior home maintenance provider to clean, inspect and repair your gutters as necessary, contact Gold Painting Inc. today. We are the premier interior home painting and maintenance and exterior home painting and maintenance service provider of Massachusetts!




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