12 November 2013
12 November 2013,

Cleaning the gutters isn’t exactly a glamorous job, but it’s one of those necessary functions of home ownership. Gold Painting Inc. recommends having your gutters cleaned a couple of times annually—think spring cleaning and fall preparation for the long, hard winter!

It’s important that you don’t wait until leaves clog the gutters before cleaning them out. Doing so could expose your home to potential damage because when the water gets trapped in the gutters due to debris, it can seep into ceiling and walls, causing serious, and costly, damage. After all, without a clear path to exit through the proper channels, it chooses the path of least resistance, which could mean your precious home itself!

Weighty debris presents another serious concern: It can cause the gutter fasteners to let go, which means the gutter could fall off the house, in which case you’re left with no channel through which water can safely be funneled away from your home. In addition, gutter issues could result in basement flooding and contribute to cracks in your home’s foundation.

Do us a favor: Look out your window right now to see if you’ve got leaves overflowing from your gutters. If you do, don’t delay! Contact Gold Painting Inc. today so we can give you a reasonable price for our gutter-cleaning services. We are the premier interior and exterior home maintenance service provider of Massachusetts and our ladder is at-the-ready to address gutter concerns! Plus, we can address any gutter repair issues that might arise during our inspection, and install new gutters as necessary to prepare your home for winter.

And, stay tuned…in two weeks we’ll explore the procedure for cleaning your gutters for all of you DIYers out there!



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