15 May 2014
15 May 2014,

The gingerbread houses of Martha’s Vineyard…the Victoria row houses of San Fransicso–there’s plenty of inspiration around to urge you to infuse some color into your home’s exterior!

Nowadays many people are less afraid to add splashes of color to their home’s exterior, trim and doors, and here at Gold Painting Inc. we think that’s just great! After all, choosing a vibrant color that reflects your personality in your home’s exterior can be a fabulous way to make your home’s unique and charming characteristics stand out. Of course, we’re not necessarily advocating for painting a rainbow of colors onto your home’s exterior–unless you really want to!–but we do want to point out that adding punches of vibrant color can be a great way to highlight your home’s architecture–whether it’s a Victorian, Edwardian or other style house.

Recently, This Old House developed a stunning slideshow entitled “Editors’ Picks: Our Favorite Colorful Houses” that highlights the beauty of home exteriors painted in strong colors. “A bright and cheery coat gives any house instant va-va-va-voom,” its website states. For instance, for a craftsman style home, consider opting for a pale blue hue as primary exterior paint color, and accent it with white trim and strategically painted areas of cobalt blue to draw the eye in.

One photo showed a stunning bungalow adorned in cherry red exterior paint complemented with watermelon pink trim–You might think this could be an unsettling combination, but seeing it at work is believing!

Another slide focused on a Colonial row house decked out in blood orange, which was strikingly harmonious with its cobalt blue exterior door and painted outside landing and steps.

Also, This Old House highlighted the remodeling work it had done on a 1860s Gothic Revival house–this beauty has been restored using the original period colors of lemon yellow for the exterior and red for the trim–the result: absolutely gorgeous!

One great tip that This Old House gave, too, for when you’re thinking about going bold with your home’s exterior paint color is to check any applicable association’s guidelines, e.g., the condo association, the 55-plus senior living community, etc., which may guide you in how bold you go.

Keep in mind, too, that the bolder the color the less likely it will fade, generally. So what are you waiting for? Contact Gold Painting Inc. today for your free, no-obligation consultation. We’ll show you how to take your current home exterior to fab in a few easy coats of vibrant paint!


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