14 March 2014
14 March 2014,

Yesterday, a bunny hopped around out in the brush. While it was freezing outside, this little guy must be itching for spring. And so are we here at Gold Painting Inc.—and we imagine all of you are, too!

Now is the perfect time to think about the home design trends for 2014 that you’ll incorporate into your living space. When it comes to infusing new trends into your existing space, the best part is perhaps that you don’t need to embrace every trend to inject fresh style into your house. Read on for Gold Painting Inc.’s insights into the home design trends you might want to think about following this year.

First up, we love how gray is emerging as the go-to neutral that’s giving traditional hues of brown, also a strong neutral, a run for its money. Gray is a strong, yet soothing color that pairs phenomenally with plums, creams and even shades of blue (think turquoise for some inspiration).

Consider painting your interior walls in shades of gray and adding vibrant pops of color in the rugs, window treatments and even in the furniture. These days we’re seeing a lot of painted furniture, which adds a relaxed and interesting vibe to any space.

Next up, get in “shape” for spring by latching on to one of the hottest home design trends for 2014: geometric patterns! Think chevron and more intricate patterns when shopping for new bedding, rugs and upholstered furniture to compliment those freshly painted gray walls.

Also, don’t be afraid to let a bird land smack dab in the middle of your living room! Right now, upholstered patterns featuring birds a and other animals are quite hot—and fun to boot!

Another cool trend for spring 2014 involves a bit of rummaging—as in hunting for that perfect industrial-looking piece of accent furniture. Give your room an instant makeover with something made out of metal or reclaimed wood adorned with nail heads and other industrial finishings to get in on the eclectic home trend bandwagon, said Vice President of Home Trends for Kohl’s Ralph Synder when interviewed recently by Journal Sentinel Inc.

What home design trends for 2014 will you embrace? What interior paint colors for 2014 can Gold Painting Inc. help you select and apply to your home’s walls to give your space a needed jolt of energy for spring?

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