30 October 2013
30 October 2013,

The Boston Red Sox are in good position to win the 2013 World Series, and this got us thinking here at Gold Painting Inc. about how cool it would be to have a sports-themed “man cave” that pulls together many of the great features of our famed Fenway Park. Think about it: Your finished basement or den can easily be transformed into a cool hangout where your friends and family can cheer on your favorite sports teams!

Let’s go with a baseball-themed room as the example inspired by the Boston Red Sox. Start out by priming and painting one wall a neutral creme color. Draw a couple of large half circles curving away from each other on the wall. Start near the ceiling and curve the line down the wall and outward. These will serve as your baseball stitches. Take red paint and fill in the lines. Once dried, notch in the baseball threads for the length of the lines, and presto, you’ve got a “baseball” wall!

On the opposite wall, prime and paint in a “Green Monster” green. This is where your TV and entertainment unit will go. Once dried, tape off a section of wall that surrounds the TV area. Paint this area in a hunter green, and once it’s dried, paint in the words “Boston” “At Bat” “Ball” “Strike” above the TV using white paint.  Now, you’ve just scored a Fenway-worthy scoreboard!

Consider adding a few baseball-themed mementos, such as “Bs” hats, to the wall and you’re good to go! Don’t forget to get some other memorabilia, pillows and blankets, etc. to complete the look. Now, you’ll be set to watch your favorite team in action!

Feeling especially creative? Paint the Boston Red Sox logo on another wall. All you need is navy, white and red paint—a simple combination that’s a classic home run in the style department!

Of course, it’s fitting that we focus on the Red Sox as they’re in the midst of the World Series, but the beauty of paint is that you can easily transform any man cave or other entertaining space to match any sports theme—the possibilities are virtually endless. Consider all of the colors and patterns that are out there for your favorite sports teams logos and team colors, and get going!

Another option is to consider adding sports-themed wallpaper to make a polished statement. In addition to providing superior interior painting services, Gold Painting Inc. scores a home run in the wallpapering department, and we’re on deck to help you achieve that grand slam of a sports-themed man cave!

Got other interior painting and wallpapering projects you need to tackle?  Contact us today. We are the premier exterior home maintenance provider here in Massachusetts, and we’re waiting for you to “put us in coach” to perform interior and exterior painting jobs, as well as powerwashing, carpentry, staining, and other services for you. Contact Gold Painting today for a free, no-obligation consultation! We offer superior interior painting services, as well as other interior maintenance services, and we also provide premier exterior painting and care and maintenance services for residential and commercial properties across Central Massachusetts and the Boston area.

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