29 August 2013
29 August 2013,

Labor Day weekend is just about upon us—can you believe it? And, while we still technically have a few more weeks of summer to go, all you die-hard New Englanders know that once the leaves start to turn from green to brilliant gold and orange it’s only a short while before the beautiful foliage wistfully falls toward the ground creating a raking chore of gigantic proportions!

Raking isn’t the only autumn chore we face, though. Gold Painting Inc. would like to stress the importance of making sure your home’s gutters are properly cleaned ahead of winter. Autumn leaves, branches and other debris can build up in your gutters and if left unaddressed, this could spell disaster come winter.

That’s because the debris can clog your gutter’s drainage leaving the water that’s supposed to run freely through the gutters and travel away from your home via the downspouts could overflow causing water damage to your roof and your home’s interior potentially.

Gold Painting Inc. is available for all of your gutter needs, including gutter cleaning, gutter repair and gutter installation!  As the premier exterior home maintenance service provider in Massachusetts, we’ve seen a lot of gutter damage due to ice dams, insect infestations, split seams on non-seamless gutters and due to storm and tree damage. The good news is that by acting quickly to repair compromised gutters we can restore your home’s drainage system to optimal working order ahead of the fall and winter when many problems can arise.

Contact Gold Painting today for a free, no-obligation quote on gutter repair, installation or cleaning. In addition to offering premier exterior care and maintenance services for residential and commercial properties across Central Massachusetts and the Boston area, we also offer superior interior and exterior painting services, as well as other interior maintenance services.

We urge you to check out our photo gallery for a look at the interior painting and exterior painting projects we have completed for clients across the area. Be sure, too, to like us on Facebook, follow us on Twitter, Pinterest and Houzz.

Be sure, too, to check out our recent blog post on the other home exterior maintenance projects to get a jump on right now!




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