23 May 2014
23 May 2014,

Exterior stain can be a great alternative to exterior paint or home siding because it maintains the natural character of a home’s wood grain façade, while protecting it from the harsh elements of sun, wind and rain. Like exterior paint and home siding exterior stain requires some maintenance to retain its  beauty and durability.

One sign that you may be in need of exterior stain maintenance is when the wood appears to be sunburned or overly dry.When it’s time to reapply the wood stain to your home’s exterior, you’ve got options!

For instance, there are clear, semi-transparent and opaque stains. Keep in mind, too, that stains, like exterior paint for your home, come in oil and latex bases.

One rule of thumb is not to apply oil over latex and latex over oil—that is unless the previous layer of stain is so aged that the new—and different type of stain—can easily stick to the wood to which it’s being applied.

When choosing an exterior stain for your home, keep in mind, too, that clear stains may be a good option to start with but as time wears on, the wood under the stain may begin to show signs of discoloration, at which time, you may want to apply a semi-transparent stain. Why? Because this is a heavier stain with a bit of color pigment, usually, and it only requires re-application every half-decade or so. And, if you want a stain that performs like a paint, an opaque stain may be your best bet because they enhance the wood texture below but offer the most protection—like an exterior paint—from the potentially harmful weather effects.

Do you have questions about exterior stain for your home that Gold Painting Inc. can answer? Contact us now for your complimentary, no-obligation consultation!


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