5 August 2013
5 August 2013,

Last week, Gold Painting Inc. took you on a journey to Candy Crush Saga’s world of perfect color combinations to describe some useful tips on selecting the right exterior paint color for your home or office. Now it’s time to delve a little deeper into the exterior paint selection process and timeline so you can rest assured that you’ve selected the perfect exterior color for your home or office!

Follow these Gold Painting tips and you’ll be achieving a deliciously marvelous color bomb that is your home’s exterior paint and trim in no time!

We mentioned this last week, but it bears mentioning again—do your homework! Get out there and take note of the exterior paint and trim combinations that you really like so you’re not overwhelmed with having too many choices to choose from or are left staring at paint swatches wondering if they really will look good on an entire house

Our other point can’t be stressed enough, either is to take advantage of expert color combinations that have already been put together by the paint companies, who pay designers with tons of color theory knowledge experience to come up with ideas that truly compliment one another!

Once you’ve got your colors selected, take note of some of your home’s features. Is your home made of wood shingles, brick or stone? What areas of the house receive the most sun? What about the most shade? Paint some patches on these areas and observe them over the next few days or even weeks. Remember, the color of your home and its trim will likely appear different given the amount of daylight that’s present. If you’re happy with the exterior paint color and trim color in all types of light—and night—congratulations, you’ve got a winner!

Don’t forget, too, that when it comes to painting your home’s exterior, you’ve got three paint colors to consider: one for the home; one for the trim; and one for the front door! A recent Huffington Post article had some cool picks for front door color that we really liked, including red, indigo and orange.

What exterior paint and trim colors do you like best? Let us know on our Facebook page!

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