18 April 2014
18 April 2014,

The 2013-2014 winter season turned out to be a real bear. Under the weight of ice dams and heavy precipitation, many New England gutters sure have seen better days, and many may be ready for the trash heap. But, before you chuck your old gutters in the trash, consider a fun way to breath new life into damaged gutters and downspouts!

A recent blurb in The Seattle Times had the general scoop, and we’ve added our own spin on how to achieve snazzy, artistic and eco-friendly outdoor planters for your home! Here we go:

- Take a couple of pieces of reclaimed wood that will serve as the leaning frame for a series of gutter steps.

- Salvage the best pieces of gutters that have been removed from your home* and cut them to fit between the pieces of wood.

- Drill holes in the bottom of the gutter so you can affix brackets to fasten to the wood.

- Set your gutters about a foot apart so you get a really nice ladder effect.

- Keep ‘em white or experiment with a trendy array of today’s hottest exterior paint colors by well-respected brands like Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore.

- Then, stop by your local nursery or a big-box retailer that’s got some deals on low-lying vegetarian and plant those puppies in the gutters. Why low-lying garden items you ask? Well, it turns out that some of the most delicious and coveted summer fruits and vegetables flourish in shallow containers. If you like fresh lettuce, garden herbs, carrots and strawberries—and frankly, who doesn’t!—consider building your very own gutter garden.

Presto! You’ve just created a leaning ladder of environmentally friendly goodness that you and your family can enjoy for years to come.

*Let’s back up just a bit, shall we? When your old gutters need to come down and you need to install new gutters and downspouts, contact Gold Painting Inc.

We are a premier Massachusetts gutter installer and repairer, power washer and staining company and we can “plant” our expertise on virtually any residential or commercial exterior maintenance project. Contact us today for your free, no-obligation quote, and happy planting everyone!

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