17 July 2014

Paint: A Quick Fix for Your Aging Cabinets

17 July 2014,

As the premier residential and commercial interior and exterior services provider of Massachusetts, Gold Painting Inc. gets a lot of questions about color—from interior […]

27 June 2014

Recycle Your Unwanted Paint by Organizing a Community Swap!

27 June 2014,

Last week, Gold Painting Inc. gave you some tips on how to tell if your unopened paint cans being stored in the basement are […]

18 June 2014

Paint Storage Tips from the Pros

18 June 2014,

You’re cleaning out the basement or the garage and you’ve stumbled upon a sealed can of interior or exterior paint. You think, “This is […]

3 June 2014

Test Your Paint Color IQ with New Free Mobile App!

3 June 2014,

Want to test your color IQ? Now you can with a new mobile app from popular painting and coating brand Benjamin Moore. It’s called […]

15 May 2014

Go Bold & Go Home! Color Breathe Life Into Abodes

15 May 2014,

The gingerbread houses of Martha’s Vineyard…the Victoria row houses of San Fransicso–there’s plenty of inspiration around to urge you to infuse some color into your […]

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