Our Exterior Process

Exterior Painting Process

1) Power Wash & Cleaning

Services must be completely dry prior to commencement of painting. Pressure washing is performed a week prior to the start of the job, removing all dirt, dust, and any other pollutants which prevent paint from adhering to services. All mildew will be treated with bleach, Bio-degradable detergent and water, and rinsed thoroughly. More delicate areas will be hand washed where needed.

2) Color Match

The day of cleaning, we ask that colors are chosen and left for the foreman.
• Color matching to the current house color can be done upon request.
• Premium paints such as Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore are used.
• Use of other premium paint brands may be requested as desired by customer.

3) Area Protection

To protect from paint chips and paint splatter, drop clothes will be used on landscape, flower beds, bushes, sidewalks, front steps, decks, roofs, and patio furniture, etc.

4) Surface Preparation

Peeling paint and surfaces will be scraped and sanded (hand and power-sanding available upon request when contracted). For a professional finish surfaces will then be smoothed and feathered and loose nails will be re-set.

5) Maintenance

Caulk and putty fill be used to help fill voids and cracks, and eliminate moisture. Windows will be re-glazed as needed and light carpentry such as clapboard, fascia, and sill replacement can be performed when contracted as additional services.

6) Priming

Rusted areas and nails, and discolored or weathered areas (bare wood or entire house as contracted) will be primed to prevent cedar bleeding. Other special, problematic, areas can also be primed along with glazing of window sash and mullions where needed.

7) Painting

Application of paint will be done with sprayers and then back-brushed using rollers, and/or brushes. Application is determined by what’s best for the project and customer’s wishes. High quality lines of paint, such as Benjamin Moore, California, or Sherwin Williams and professional equipment will be used. Second coats will be applied per agreement.

8) Daily Clean-up

Job sites will remain clean at all times. Ladders and other equipment will be neatly stacked and packed away at the end of every day.

9) Final Walk Through

“Walk arounds” will be performed by foreman alone and accompanied by customer to ensure complete satisfaction.