30 July 2014
30 July 2014,

Gold Painting Inc. is often asked questions like how do you provide such great paint coverage, trim work, etc? Well, our polished interior and exterior painting team has years of professional experience for starters. But, even if you’re a newbie painter, by following some simple painting tips from the pros you’ll be well armed to pick paint colors, wash and prime paintable surfaces, tape off areas, and clean up!

First up: How do you decide what paint color to pick. Gold Painting Inc. recommends finding color inspiration in your home, in nature, in accessories. Read our blog post for additional paint color inspiration!   Then, select shades of paint color that either match or slightly lighter or darker than your favorite hues. If you’re stumped on what paint color to choose, check out some interior and exterior design books or view our posts on Houzz or Pinterest for some visual inspiration.

Once you’ve selected a few paint color contenders, tape them to the wall. Toss one out each day until you’re left with the winner.

With your paint color in hand, it’s time to prep those walls! Check them for cracks and holes. Then, spackle affected areas and allow plenty of time to dry. Gently sand down the spackle with a 150- or 200-grit sandpaper.

Next it’s time to clean those walls. Use soap and water for easy to clean surfaces, but for pesky stains, try a product like TSP.

Now it’s time to remove the outlet covers from the room. This will ensure that you can re-affix them without the danger of them becoming paint covered—Plus it saves on painter’s tape you could use to block them off.

Speaking of painter’s tape, before applying to the wall or trim, as a best practice cut it so you get a nice clean edge. Press the painter’s tape down with your thumb. Once everything you don’t want to paint is protected—and that means putting a plastic or canvas drop cloth down to protect the floors, too, it’s time to get painting!

After opening the paint can, give it a good stir. Then, cautiously pour the paint into a tray—we say cautiously because you don’t want to overpour the paint into the tray. It’s better to pour in more frequent increments, so you don’t oversaturate the roller.

Take the roller and roll it through the paint tray, being sure to cover every area on the roller with paint.

Paint in a “W” pattern on the wall, and don’t let it lift off the wall. Concentrate your “W”s on three-foot sections at a time. Working your way up or down the wall depending on where you started.

Apply two coats of paint (and primer if it’s not included in the paint). Remove the painter’s tape immediately following the final coat.

And, the final step—enjoy your newly painted space!

Do you have questions about how to paint like a pro? Contact Gold Painting Inc. for your free, no obligation consultation. Also, as we mentioned, be sure to check us out on Houzz and Pinterest—as well as Facebook and Twitter for even more professional painting tips and design inspiration!

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