24 December 2013
24 December 2013,

OK, we get that you’re probably super busy right now gearing up for the holiday. But, Gold Painting Inc. thinks it’s apt that while you’re decking the halls this Christmas Eve we should discuss trimming the…paint!

It’s important not to overlook how important paint trim can be to the overall look of your freshly painted room. That means paying careful attention to detail as you paint the trim.

Here are 5-plus tips to ensure that you achieve your goal:

Don’t skimp on your paint trim prep. That means investing in enough painter’s tape to sufficiently cover surfaces you don’t want to paint, such as floors, walls, window frames, etc.

Cover any furniture and other items that must remain in the room, so that any rogue paint splatters don’t make their way onto them. We recommend using a canvas (not a plastic) tarp, as it’s more durable and is far less likely to rip or bunch up, which means you’ll be able to additionally reduce the risk of getting unwanted paint on the floor and other surfaces.

Don’t forget to protect cabinet door knobs and other incidentals by applying painter’s tape around the knobs and securing plastic baggies over the knobs themselves—keep those in place with simple rubber bands! That is, of course, if the knobs can’t be removed; if you can take them off, that is by all means the ideal way to prep!

Invest in a mini roller. The trim work in your home is a focal point in that the eye may be drawn to a window frame, a baseboard or a chair rail easier than it is to an entire wall. That means you’ll want to use a roller specifically designed for compact spaces. One good option is the wire mini roller in either a 4- and 6 1/2 –inch design, so you can achieve smooth paint trim in areas that may be harder to get at.

Tackle the trim ahead of the walls. We recommend starting with the most detailed trim work first. Work your way around the room’s baseboards before moving up to window and door trims and on to the top of the trim: the crown molding.

Here’s a great trick, too: Take the painter’s tape off before the trim paint is fully dry—this can help ensure a clean, crisp line!

While you’re busying trimming your Christmas tree doesn’t it make sense to hire a professional interior painting service to deck out your home with fabulous new wall colors and paint trim? Contact Gold Painting Inc. for your free, no-obligation consultation, and happy holidays everyone!

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