5 March 2014
5 March 2014,

Now is the time when many homeowners will start thinking about putting their homes on the market, as spring is a great time to sell generally! And, we probably don’t need to say it, but we will—first impressions are so important!

Before you stake that “For Sale” sign in your yard, read Gold Painting Inc.’s tips on the stand-out repairs that can help make that first impression a lasting one (in the best way possible)!

First up, paint that front door with a fresh coat of paint. Homebuyers will likely view your front door as an eye into upkeep. If you’ve got flaking or cracking paint on the front door, that could be a sign that reflects poorly on that all-important first impression.

Clear and shore up those gutters! Imagine looking down from a second story window to see grimy gunk clogging the gutters. When homebuyers see this, their first thought may be, “Oh great, this home might have water damage because it doesn’t have any adequate channel from which water can escape away from the home’s foundation—plus I wonder how the facia underneath those gutters looks where the gutters themselves aren’t being kept up!”

Another trick is to apply caulking to the gutter’s interior. Why? Because as caulking ages it could permit water to seep down the home’s side, damaging the paint and/or the siding.

Inside, the work continues! Start by patching and painting any holes in the walls. Apply a lightweight spackle to the compromised areas, spreading it over the holes and scraping off any extra. Once it dries, sand to a smooth finish and prime for painting.

We recommend calling in the pros for more significant patch jobs, as  ensuring that the patched areas blend seamlessly can be tricky and may require a total wall re-do.

Are you thinking about putting your home on the market? Contact Gold Painting Inc. for your free, no-obligation consultation.


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