29 May 2014
29 May 2014,

Ever wonder how professional painters are able to achieve such crisp, pristine work without making a mess? Here at Gold Painting Inc. we’ve got a team of professional painters with years of experience that’s taught us that to paint great, you should invest in great tools that can make your job a whole lot easier, and in turn better!

Here are some of our top picks on the painting tools you should invest in for your next DIY weekend-warrior home improvement project!  No DIY painter should be without the following:

Pour and roll kits—Don’t you hate when the paint you’ve poured gets trapped around the can’s lid?  With a multi-use tool you can avoid drip disasters for evermore! Consider something like Hyde’s Plastic Can Pour & Roll Pour Spout and Roller Grid. The pour spout latches onto a gallon of paint so you don’t spill as you pour into the paint tray. Then, it acts like a brush wipe, too, so you can keep an ultra clean paint can!

Painter’s Pyramid—The Egyptians sure did have a great idea with those pyramids! Now, you can cash in on their ingenuity when painting many household items. Also from Hyde, which makes painting supplies and other gadgets, a pack of Painter’s Pyramids can come in mighty handy if you need to apply paint to multiple sides of a project. This is a great tool for cabinet doors, shutters, trim and furniture up to 200 pounds because it lets you paint multiple sides without having to literally “watch the paint dry” before painting all sides!

Tack cloth—
When it comes to cleaning up dust, sandpaper shavings and dirt cheese cloth delivers. Just wipe down the soon-to-be-painted surface with a tack cloth—be it plaster, wood or metal—for an oh-so clean slate to apply that primer and paint on!

Want some more painting tool tips from the pros? Contact Gold Painting Inc. today for your free-no-obligation consultation!



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