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31 December 2013
31 December 2013,

Happy New Year, everyone! The ball will drop tonight in New York’s Times Square, and festivities are getting under way in Boston and Worcester for First Night 2014, so Gold Painting Inc. thinks it’s apt to discuss one New Year’s resolution that nearly every homeowner considers at some point—the resolution to fix up the home!

Here are Gold Painting Inc.’s 4 New Year’s home-sprucing resolutions for homeowners in 2014:

Resolution #1—Paint your home’s interior and exterior in the hottest Pantone colors. For the interior, why not spruce up a bedroom or bathroom with the top paint color of 2014: radiant orchid!

Resolution #2—Add an accent wall infused with a bold and bright paint color or an interesting graphic patterned wallpaper.

Resolution #3—Pay attention to what your home’s exterior is telling you. If you’ve got any of the following issues, it could be time to invest in painting the exterior of your home:

• The paint is flaking or peeling.

• There is no caulking where wood boards join up.

• There are parts were the raw wood is exposed—plainly put, I don’t see any paint or primer over the wood!

• The wood appears to be soft or rotten.

• The wood is split.

• The exterior paint is cracking and/or appears to be discolored.

Resolution #4—Don’t sacrifice on quality. You work hard to own your home, and you should only entrust reputable and experienced professional home interior and exterior service and maintenance providers to perform needed services, such as wallpapering, exterior painting, staining and more.

Gold Painting Inc. is the premier interior and exterior home maintenance and painting provider of Massachusetts. We offer a wide array of professional services that can keep your home in tip-top shape for 2014 and beyond. Contact us now for your free, no obligation consultation.

And, may you and your families have a safe, healthy and prosperous New Year!

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